Bracing Africa's Health and Social Protection Systems for Sustainability


At Brasys, we Brace Systems for Sustainability, this means:

We Strengthen local actors and create Enabling environments (BRACING)

We apply whole systems thinking: People, Processes & Tools (SYSTEMS)

We don’t just “Attain” but aspire to “Sustain” Impact (SUSTAINABILITY)


  • As we initiate interventions, partnerships with local stakeholders are critical

  • As programs grow to scale, there must be a gradual and simultaneous tailing off of external actors and increasing leadership of local actors

  • With deliberate, context-appropriate and systematic capacity transition plans; that allow specific segments to be transitioned on different timeframes, per achievement of systems’ strengthening objectives


  1. Technical support for strategic planning, project management & organisational development.

  2. Capacity building for individuals and institutions delivering services

  3. Identification, promotion, implementation and scale up of high-impact service delivery and quality improvement initiatives

  4. Robust monitoring, evaluation & research systems set up

  5. Knowledge management & communication services support


  • 100% African “owned” and led, a team with multi-country expertise across Sub-Saharan Africa; with first hand experience of the local context.

  • We believe partnerships work and we hope to become the bridge and conveyor that effectively links international (donors and implementing partners) to local, delivering the necessary ingredients for growth and sustainable transition.

  • We work closely with public institutions, and CBOs to deliver sustainable impact through skills transfer, hands-on systems strengthening TA and organizational development efforts that foster local ownership of donor funded programs across the country.


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Organisational Development

  • Organisational Capacity Assessments for CBOs

  • A Suite of Organisational Development Trainings

  • Strategic Planning Hands-On Support

Service Delivery Systems

  • Health & Social Worker Trainings

  • Development or Review & Update of Strategies & Guidelines

  • Technical Assistance Process Design

  • Program Management Trainings

Program Quality Improvement

  • Program Quality Assessments for Projects

  • Program Quality Improvement Basics Training

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • M&E Systems Design

  • Program Evaluations, Surveys and Rapid Assessments

  • M&E SOPs, Guidelines & Job Aids Development

  • M&E Trainings

  • M&E Competencies Assessment for M&E Professionals

  • M&E Systems Review/Assessment for Non-M&E Managers

  • Data Quality Improvement Tools for HIV Prevention Programs

Knowledge Management & Communication

  • Knowledge Management Assessments

  • KM Strategy Development for NGOs

  • Website Design

  • Report Writing for Impactful Communication Training


Speak, Write & Design for Impact.... A Communication for Development Initiative

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