Bracing Africa's Health and Social Protection Systems for Sustainability


POST-COVID-19 School Restart Project

The COVID-19 school restart project aims to support public schools in Lusaka in preparation for in-person training once the pandemic stabilises and the government authorises reopening of schools. The project will support contingency planning as well as the provision of PPE for students and staff.

M&E Professionals Up-Skilling Program

The Monitoring & Evaluation Professional's Up-Skilling Program is a partnership between ZAMEA (Zambia M&E Association) and Brasys to provide a suite of continuing education short-courses that sharpen and hone skills of M&E professionals in-service to improve their competencies, effectiveness and relevance in the ever-evolving global landscape of M&E.

M&E Internship Project

This is a 6-month Monitoring and Evaluation internship for Public Health & Social Protection programs that prepares new graduates and young professionals through a combination of targeted didactic sessions and hands-on practical experience in delivering project M&E functions

Rapid M&E Competencies Diagnostics

The rapid M&E competencies diagnostics for development professionals project provides a web-based competency assessment tool that delivers customised results and action plans. You can find the competency assessment tool here.


Brasys is a non-profit affiliate of the BroadImpact group and extends the innovative approaches and high quality systems improvement initiatives developed by BroadImpact consulting to public sector institutions and grassroots organisations. The projects below showcase the groups' expertise.


MIT COVID-19 Challenge

Supported the MIT COVID-19 Africa challenge to identify innovative solutions to address the continental response to the pandemic. Our team served as mentors and judges during the event and we have continued to provide guidance to challenge participants and winners towards improving and implementing their ideas.

Health Workforce Development Program

Contracted by Clinton Health Access Initiative to implement a 6 months’ workforce human resource development program in Primary Health Care Agencies in Nigeria towards strengthen immunisation outcomes. The project involved organizing workshops, trainings and management retreats, engaging and building capacity of Government and agency staff on human resource development, developing HRM policies, SOPs, templates and tools and supporting change and implementation of the new HRM system.

Expanded Program on Immunisation Capacity Building Program

Contracted by Clinton Health Access Initiative to conduct trainings for 300 Immunisation managers on project management, and project communication in Nigeria. This project involved facilitation of practical based competency trainings to 300 managers.

Maternal, New-born Health Referral and Emergency Transport Systems

Contracted by Clinton Health Access Initiative to design, plan and coordinate curriculum review and capacity building for 500 community workers on maternal new-born heath and family planning community referral and emergency transport


Research Study to Inform the Ratification of the AfCFTA in Nigeria

BroadImpact was contracted by Oxford Policy Management to implement research to inform the Ratification of the AfCFTA in Nigeria and guide the Federal Ministry of Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment (FMITI), National Action Committee NAC, and all relevant MDAs, on AfCFTA implementation, and wider regional trade.

Africa Youth Movements Mapping

Contracted by the Open Society Foundations along with Social Change Factory and Partners for Peace to conduct youth mapping in 33 African countries. The project produced a rich resource on youth social movements and policy spaces access through an interactive web based dashboard with geo mapping for visualisation.

Compendium of Marriage Laws in Africa

Contracted by UN Women, Addis Ababa- working with the African Union Commission to conduct literature review and secondary data research on 55 African Union member states progress on ratification and implementation of charters and treaties on the rights of the Child, and legal frameworks legalising child marriage towards the development of a compendium of child marriage laws in Africa.

Mid Term & Final Evaluation of the AU Campaign to End Child Marriage

Contracted by the African Union Commission and UNICEF to evaluate the AU’s Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa. This assignment involved the collation and analyses of data from 54 member states.

M&E Framework for the AU Campaign to End Child Marriage

Contracted by UNICEF and the African Union Commission to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the African Union’s Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa (CECM).