Bracing Africa's Health and Social Protection Systems for Sustainability


We are a non-governmental organisation in Zambia, that deploys organisational development initiatives, high-quality systems improvement processes, performance monitoring & evaluation services and innovative sustainability approaches, in partnership with donors and NGOs, to strengthen public sector institutions, community-based and grassroots organisations in Zambia.

Our goal to increase access to health and social protection services for underserved populations, through the strengthening of program management & service delivery systems.


Brasys is a non-profit affiliate of the BroadImpact group. The BroadImpact Group comprises two other organisations (BroadImpact: a technical services consulting firm and Platform Diagnostics a medical equipment supply & maintenance company) that together seek to increase access to quality health and social protection services in Africa.


To see equitable, high-quality, self-sustaining health and social protection systems in Zambia.


To reinforce, strengthen and sustain local actors and systems through implementing tailored, context-appropriate capacity strengthening and organisational development activities for public institutions, community based and grassroots organisations in Zambia.


Strengthening Zambia's systems with a focus on Impact and Equity is not just interesting work, it is what we live for. We take our vision very seriously, so we approach each contract, with fierce passion to deliver best-in class results, knowing that every project will serve and save countless lives, on our journey to achieve and sustain impact.



Delivering high impact initiatives

Sustainable growth

Local-context appropriate and home -grown solutions


Highest standards of professionalism, transparency and accountability


Value for money, cost-effective interventions and processes


Fostering relationships between established organisations and young local innovators; private and public sector; donors and local actors


Working with local governments, CBOs and Africans in the diaspora to rewrite the African narrative


We have a number of new exciting projects coming up in the next few months. If you are interested in being part of an agile team of young people addressing the COVID-19 pandemic or you are passionate about skills building, research/evaluations or entrepreneurship sign up below.

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