CURRENT Projects

Bracing Africa's Health and Social Protection Systems for Sustainability

PUBLIC HEALTH: Human reasources for health


Brasys was recently contracted by Seed Global Health to conduct an assessment of midwifery training needs in Zambia, to better understand the gaps in clinical training at health facilities and the opportunities to establish a more functional and effective preceptorship program for midwives.


Inclusive Education For Children with Disabilities Program Endline Evaluation

Brasys was contracted by Leonard Cheshire Disability to conduct the Independent Endline Evaluation of the Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia "Inclusive Education For Children with Disabilities" Program.

UKAM Early Marriage Prevention Education Program Endline Evaluation

Brasys was contracted by CAMFED to conduct an Independent Endline Evaluation of the FCDO funded “Empowering young women to prevent the early marriage of vulnerable girls in rural Zambia” Project.


OUR Zambia, Formerly known as zambia We Want

Our Zambia, led by Oxfam aims to build active citizenship and foster social accountability through public debate, civil, citizen and media engagement. The first phase of the project ran from October to March 2020 and was largely well implemented. Brasys is working with Oxfam to implement the second phase of the project which runs from April to September 2021. Brasys is providing MEAL support to the project, including developing and deploying a robust M&E system for the program. This includes program ToC design and framework development, Media Monitoring across multiple media platforms (TV, Radio, Social Media), Audience Measurement Analysis, Media Efficacy and Effectiveness Evaluation and Compliance Monitoring of Radio & TV Stations.


M&E Professionals Up-Skilling Program

The Monitoring & Evaluation Professional's Up-Skilling Program is a partnership between ZAMEA (Zambia M&E Association) and Brasys to provide a suite of continuing education short-courses that sharpen and hone skills of M&E professionals in-service to improve their competencies, effectiveness and relevance in the ever-evolving global landscape of M&E.

Rapid M&E Competencies Diagnostics

The rapid M&E competencies diagnostics for development professionals project provides a web-based competency assessment tool that delivers customised results and action plans. You can find the competency assessment tool here.

M&E Internship Project

This is a 6-month Monitoring and Evaluation internship for Public Health & Social Protection programs that prepares new graduates and young professionals through a combination of targeted didactic sessions and hands-on practical experience in delivering project M&E functions